Related Links:
08.09.02 - FAQ
Updated the XP FAQ, and added two new entries.

08.09.02 - Problems
Updated the status of the XP problem.

08.06.02 - Link
Liero Challenges has been added to the links page, and also as a related link on the computer tactics page.

08.06.02 - Design
I changed the link colors for stuff.

08.01.02 - FAQ
I added lots to the FAQ, and reformated it.

08.01.02 - Problems
The problems section is bigger, better, and more complete than ever.

07.31.02 - NAMES.DAT
I added a direct link to download the names file for Liero. Hopefully, I'll get some other names files up here soon.

07.28.02 - Problems
I updated the problems section of the Help center.

07.27.02 - New Tactics
Some new projectile tactics, and new big nuke tactics!

07.27.02 - Main Page
Rearanged the text on the main page. More technical/footer/red tape type stuff is now all at the bottom.

07.27.02 - Submission Guidelines
Updated the text on the Submissions Guidelines page.

07.26.02 - Fun Stuff
Lightning Cannon! Check out the new, creative tactic.

07.26.02 - FAQ
I added some notes to the FAQ, and updated some links, etc.

07.26.02 - Updated Links
The links page has been somewhat brought up to date. I'm still working on it.

05.26.02 - Link: Liero Fever
I added a link to Liero Fever.

05.26.02 - Link: Liero Battleground
I added a link to Liero Battleground.

05.06.02 - Top 20 list
I signed up for the Top 20 Liero Sites list. Make sure to vote!

05.06.02 - Forums update
I finished updating the old forums with all the submissions over the past 4 months.

05.06.02 - New links
Link to Liero Masters, link to Liero Nuclear Reactor and a link to WormRage on the clones page.

05.06.02 - New tactics
A select strategy submission from Greg on practicing with the Gauss gun.

05.01.02 - New tactics
A couple more fun things for 0% load time.

05.01.02 - Forums update
I'm adding all the forum submissions from the last 4 months or so to the two web forums that we have.

05.01.02 - Link: Liero Resort
I added a link to Liero Resort.

05.01.02 - It's about time
Having been over three months since I updated Liero Extreme, I thought it was about time for an entire new site, new direction, new design, new content, and much more. Thanks to all those who still visit every once in a while. Here's what you'll find at the new place:
Obviously. It's a bit cleaner, faster loading. It has less tables, less graphics, and actually uses .GIFs instead of .JPGs.

The site has taken on a new form; that of 'Centers,' in which I've created portal type environments for each section of the site. Hope that works.

You'll find a wealth of new tactics articles and a sweet little weapon profile thingy I built (it took forever to enter all the information, so you better like it) among other things, like a tactics forum I added.

--Upcoming content
Upcoming content includes many submissions I've received in the past months which I just haven't gotten around to dealing with (it numbers in well over one hundred). Also, Liero Guide will be featured here, at Liero Extreme. It is currently in the works in the hands of our beloved Durandal. Expect greatness from the new Liero Guide.

I've decided to no longer accept mods and levels. I get SO many of them, and they're so very hard to test, preview, write up, screen capture, zip, upload, etc, that there is no way I'll ever keep up with LE if I try. You have until May 15th to get in your mods and levels. All the ones I have already received, and all the ones I'll get up until the 15th will all be processed, no worries.

--A Note about bandwidth, again
The note below marked IMPORTANT still applies. Until we get a more adequete host, we may cut back on the large downloads. Thanks for your patience on this matter.

01.22.02 - Important
During this month, and every month, I have a 5 gig data transfer limit. If I go over, I am charged by my hosting service. I have gone over for the last sixth months or so, and I continue to do so. I am not able to do ANYTHING with the site until I fix this money/transfer problem. If you'd like to contribute to liero extreme, please contact me. Thanks!

10.17.01 - Full mod
ww2 mod with bunkers level, dat file, and marine character mod.

10.7.01 - New Liero Song
V-F-F pumps out a sequel to the first Liero mix with Liero On Acid. Check it out (now in mp3 format!).

10.7.01 - Full mod
Liero Dinosaur full mod!

10.7.01 - Weapon Mod
One weapon added, Beam Saber.

8.21.01 - Levels
Six levels in five star level pack of high calibur. A must!

8.21.01 - Full mod
Military mod v2 by Commander Cool is here. It rules. Check it out.

8.14.01 - Level
Jungle Rock 2 is here. Check it out. It's not too bad!

8.14.01 - Weapon Mod
pikaweapons is up. Again, haven't checked it out, but it's here.

8.14.01 - Weapon Mod
Thermal Pack 1. I haven't checked it out yet, but it's up.

7.31.01 - Graphic Mods
Four cool graphic mods by Thermal.

7.31.01 - Pallete Mods
Two wacked out pallete mods by Thermal.

7.26.01 - Weapon Mod
Chris's Pack 1 has some pretty decent weapons to offer.

7.26.01 - Weapon Mod
DJ Valto Pack 1, with 15 decent weapons.

7.24.01 - prog:Spanish!
Spanish Liero anyone? Jorge Marino's Spanish language selector program for Liero will change all your in game text to spanish. Fun fun.

7.22.01 - characters
3 more characters from C.C. Check em out.

7.11.01 - temporary downloads
I have been getting a lot of downloads. I like to look at each one individually before I add it to the site, so it takes time. I don't like to make people wait though. Here are a bunch that I have recieved recently, but haven't gone through. Enjoy anyways! (eventually they will slowly trickle into the various sections).

7.9.01 - characters!
New Liero Characters! Started by Commander Cool. Try em out, tell us what you think, make your own!

7.5.01 - navigation
Added a new Communications section, with helpful links to connect you to the community.

7.5.01 - Weapon Mod
3 packs of 40 weapons modded from the original by MadSquid

6.28.01 - le disabled
Sorry, for a couple days Extreme was down because I forgot to pay to the rent! I exceeded the Data Transfer Limit. I was away for the week and didn't know it happened until I got back. But it won't happen again, hopefully. Thanks for being patient with us!

6.26.01 - Weapon Mod
Child weapons! Fun creative harmless weapons like water balloon, etc.

6.26.01 - Weapon Upgrade
Improved Basic Weapons version 2 is out, and up here.

6.25.01 - Levels
Commander Cool Pack, with 4 great levels. Get it today!!!

6.25.01 - Weapon Mod
Black Wind's full weapon mod, including 40 killer weapons, sounds, graphics, and liero.exe. A must have!

6.15.01 - AIM List
I posted my lieroextreme Liero contacts buddy list for AOL instant messanger.

6.15.01 - Programs
Liero Editor 2.07 now available at Liero Extreme!

6.11.01 - Level Pack
Added Social Poison's 10 Level pack.

6.10.01 - LieroNet Webring
Joined the LieroNet Webring.

6.6.01 - Improved Basic Weapons
Improved Basic pack by The D.M. added to the weapon mod section.

6.5.01 - miscellanious updates
Background thumbnails are fixed, graphic mod thumbnails are fixed, some of the TC thumbnails are fixed, the gauss gun screen shot is up, the Liero Mix download works now, added some faq, the automatic weapon forum has some comments in it, the liero 2 ideas forum has some new comments, Liero Extreme is on the banner exchange, on the weapons page you can click for a screenshot of each weapon, and on the Liero 2 page there is a liero 2 release email notify thing now.

6.3.01 - scizor999 pack 1
A couple powerful fun weapons by Scizor999.

6.1.01 - transformed graphic mods
Make your worms upside down or backwards with these new mods by Dudemyster

6.1.01 - advanced warfare
A fabulous new 40 weapon pack by Probable. Download it!

6.1.01 - liero webring
Liero Extreme is now a member of the Liero webring. Weee!

5.31.01 - ghost busters TC
Really creative ghost busters full mod for liero.

5.30.01 - general strategy
A little tid bit on shoot and run tactics with the Rifle.

5.29.01 - marky's weapon pack 1
Two fun weapons.

5.29.01 - tim's weapon pack 1
Check out some really neat weapons! Brand new to the Liero community!

5.29.01 - big changes
Please excuse that long duration of time which I didn't update, and the downloads didn't work! I hope you all can forgive me. The site has gone through some visible changes, as you can see, as well as hosting changes. We are now lieroextreme.com, and you can reach me at webmaster@lieroextreme.com. All the downloads should be fixed. Please start the submissions coming in again, thanks to all those who anxiously waited for our return, and your support. We're baaaack!!

This is what's up right now:
Currently lieroextreme2 and 3 have been shut down by geocities, since they don't like download sites. None of the program downloads are available, along with some other downloads. Please excuse this problem. In about two weeks or so I will have new hosting, and lieroextreme will also go through some MAJOR changes. Thanks so much for your patience, and please check back frequently for updates!! -John

4.10.01 - liero extreme hosting
Grr. Geocities doesn't like me using other accounts for download sites, so I suppose I have to do something about that, since lieroextreme2 is being shut down. I will keep you posted.

4.10.01 - turbo pack 2
Another great set of weapons from turbo.

4.5.01 - rainbow graphic mod
Well done rainbow graphic mod now available.

4.4.01 - new weapon mods
Two new weapon mod packs. Nothing radical, but all fun, useful and well balanced weapons.

4.3.01 - links page
The links page has been updated, changed, corrected, and cleaned out. This was very much needed.

4.2.01 - FULL MODS section!
Now I am getting some fully modded Lieros coming in, three right now, but hopefully more are on the way. Check em out, NinjaLiero, Demolitions and Rainbow 6!

4.1.01 - lierokit vb files
I get so many questions about running liero kit that I finally put up the visual basic files that are required to run it, that you might need.

3.31.01 - corrected links
Tons of links all over the site have been corrected (that is, to downloads, and thumbnails, etc). Thanks to Zero for pointing them out!

3.30.01 - sound mods
You can now download a no-sound mod for liero, and check out the updated format for the sound mod page (now it is the same as the other pages).

3.29.01 - Ninja Liero! Rammstein
Brand new sweet total revamp of liero with a cool mission, new weapons, map, and more! Eventually I plan to have a downloads section for this, but for now, just download it here.
Download it now! NinjaLiero.zip 395kb

3.26.01 - new weapon mod
Mega fan in the weapon mods section.

3.26.01 - new sound mod
Red Alert sound mod now available, very cool.

3.23.01 - news section!
Over on the side bar, you can now find helpful news related links to help you get around this site, and find out what is happening in the Liero community

3.20.01 - new weapon mod
I put up the standard weapon mod for kicks.

3.20.01 - links
A few new links added.

3.19.01 - new level
"Desert Base" added to levels section.

3.11.01 - new weapon mod
Great new weapon pack (40 weapons) by EvilMike. A must have!

3.11.01 - fun stuff
New idea on the fun stuff page.

3.7.01 - new weapon mod
Another new weapon mod by Zertrag.

3.6.01 - new weapon mod
New weapon mod by Zertrag.

3.1.01 - Free for all links
Now a community board for links that you can add to on the fly!

2.26.01 - SND Tools 1.3
SND Tools version 1.3 has just been released, and you can download it here!

2.25.01 - new weapon mod
Check out turbo9000's weapon pack. Fun stuff.

2.21.01 - new level: war forts
A sweet new level with great playability and really sweet bunkers (cool looking too!).

2.20.01 - new weapons
Neilx submits yet another cool weapon mod pack!

2.20.01 - recommend this site
Please recommend this site to friends!

2.19.01 - search the site!
Now you can search this site, thanks to hostedscripts.com.

2.15.01 - new strategies/settings
New settings and general strategy.

2.10.01 - community news
Check out the community news, with info on site updates, project status, and the latest buzz in the liero community.

2.5.01 - feedback form
I just put up a feedback page for your comments!

2.3.01 - huge level archive
Download 214 levels in one huge pack right now!

2.3.01 - tutorials
Check out the new tutorials section! Click help, tutorials. That's where you will find our level making tutorial and the new graphic mods tutorial.

2.2.01 - weapon mods/lierokit 1.6
Liero kit 1.6 beta 2 has been released (download here), and along with it some sweet weapon mods (download here).

2.1.01 - new content
This site is updated almost daily and I don't usually include minor changes, but there are lots: sitemap, problems, and settings are all new pages. Also, almost every other page has had content revisions and additions.

1.31.01 - new design
The site was expanding so fast I had to change to this more convenient format to pack in all the information. No content is missed, but some is subcatogrized under the headings to the left. Click the navigation items to expand them.

1.30.01 - weapon mods
We have our first submision of a weapon mod!

1.24.01 - new communications page
Communications page, including message boards, chats, contact information and more so you can keep up with the liero community!

1.22.01 - new screenshots
Some sweet shots of larpa drag (that is, highly gravitationly effected larpa).

1.21.01 - FONT and PALLETE mods
Liero Extreme now has font and pallete mods for use with liero kit!

1.21.01 - new screenshot
Cool snapshot of a sweet gauss gun kill

1.20.01 - new level tutorial
Read up on level making skills, from the basics, to making your levels the best they can be, with commentary on what makes levels playable

I didn't really have a real news section before this, so the past is a mystery!! :-) heh..
The site was put up in February 2000 though.

Direct email to webmaster@lieroextreme.com.
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