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How do I even start?!
Making graphic mods has increasing layers of complexity. You will need a paint program (ms paint, photoshop, any bitmap editor will do) and you will need a program that converts your bitmap files into . chr files (the native liero graphic file) like the graphics editor or Liero Kit (download here).

So what makes a good graphic mod?
Good graphic mods have both great looking worms (while still being identifiable as to what they are) and great looking weapons (and crates, flags, rocks, etc). A graphic mod should not have glitches. Using colors that aren't even in that strip of graphics is one bad thing, but also, make sure to have the worms be mostly the color the worms were originally composed of. Any other colors will be shown on the worm, but they are not tagged as part of the worm (that is to say, weapons will go through those colors, and other objects). The mod should have one theme that is carried throughout it. In the firefighters mod, the worms are firemen, and the explosions are all fire. This shows a lot of continuity. Aim for that sort of thing.

Fun things to do when making a graphic mod
  • Invisible worms or cloaking worms can be fun to play with.
  • Use the rotating colors for some fun effects on the worms or other objects.
  • Make weapons or objects invisible.
  • Don't make them worms. Try using vehicles, other creatures, or something entirely diferent!

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