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Download your levels here! I've included only the most famous ones, my personal favorites, and the most downloaded levels. This level archive is not ment to be unabridged in any way. Only the best levels have been included of ones that have been submited to me. There aren't really many good levels out there, but you will find the best here. Other very good ones that were not submited to the site are included in Level Pack 2. If you want to know what my definition of a good level is, check out my level making page. Enjoy!

DK Pack 1 1 DK
Six fabulous levels. Cool surealistic look, fun and challenging game play.
Download it now! DKlevels.zip 219k

Commander Cool Pack 1 Commander Cool
4 really neat levels that are decent looking, and more playable then most levels.
Download it now! commanderCoolPack1.zip 63k

War Forts John Chase
Sweet battle zone (two worm-color coded bases) with perfect bunkers, great fighting areas, the perfect playability and a cool techno look.
Download it now! warforts.zip 32k

Transit Turbo 9003
City scape in the background in the top, and an underground subway. Very good game play, and pretty well done graphics.
Download it now! transit.zip 18k

Museum Turbo 9003
Fun museum level with one dinosaur exhibit in the middle, and a cool area below with snack machines and what not. Good game play! Graphics are also pretty decent.
Download it now! museum.zip 4k

Castle John Chase
A detailed, realistic castle with draw bridge, portculus, passageways, moat, courtyard, aqueduct, towers, flags, chambers and more. Fun spaces to play too!
Download it now! castle.zip 30k

Commando chestburster
Once again, Jonas pumps out another winner, with Commando; an awesome level with great design, awesome layout and great game play.
Download it now! commando.zip 29k

Elevate chestburster
Awesome level with great design, tons of detail, cool spaces to play in and neat tunnels and surprises.
Download it now! elevate.zip 36k

Toxic chestburster
Another winner from Jonas, great detail, fun to play in, good all around level.
Download it now! toxic.zip 33k

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