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Liero, the game. Find out a little more about it or visit the faq. If you don't have it, you better click here now:
Download it now! Liero.zip: 379kb

Liero Kit 1.6 Beta 2 Erik Lindroos

The ultimate liero tool. Has everything that 1.51 had, with weapon mods, and a whole lot more! A MUST HAVE!
Download it now! Lk16b2.zip: 174kb

You may need the visual basic files to run liero kit as well.
Download it now! vb5files.zip: 2.054mb

Liero Kit 1.51 Erik Lindroos

The new version of liero kit has just been released. It is the ultimate liero utility tool. Organize your levels, choose different fonts for liero, hack the weapons, change the AI, change objects, make themes, preview all your files, and MUCH much more. A must have!
Download it now! lierokit151.zip: 193kb

Wormhole Johan Otterud

An incredibly nice piece of freeware that allows you to convert bitmaps into liero levels. The new version is finally here with advanced in program paint set, along with some new more powerful options beyond the limits of the previous version.
First version; Wormhole 1.0
Download it now! wormwhole.zip: 2.043mb

Newest version; Wormhole 1.5
Full installation:
Download it now! wormhole15_full.exe:
If you have the previous version, download the upgrade:
Download it now! wormhole15_small.exe: 679kb
Download from Wormhole

Spanish Selector Jorge Marino

Unzip these files into your Liero directory, and run the selector program. Easily choose between spanish and english for in-game language.
Download it now! spanishSelector.zip: 18kb

Graphic Editor Johan Otterud

With yet another program from the makers of Wormhole, is a program that lets you actually edit the in game graphics of Liero. A very powerful tool, I might say. Check out some premade graphic sets you can download below, too!
Download it now! gEditor.zip: 45kb
Download it from Wormhole

Blood Increaser Johan Otterud

Another piece of software by the same person who wrote Wormhole. It increases the blood drastically (up to 32750%).
Download it now! blood.zip: 11kb
Download it from Wormhole

More Blood Zander Software

Increase blood in liero up to 32750%, better then Blood Increaser since it is a smaller file and it runs faster (unless you like GUI).
Download it now! moreblod.zip: 8kb

Liero Sound Tools 1.3 Tim Verweij

Cool dos-based tool for editing the sound bank. It splits all the sounds into separate files, easily editable, and compiles them for you. (new and improved with fixed bugs!)
Download it now! LSNDTv13.zip: 136kb
Download it now! LSNDTv12.zip: 136kb

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