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Advanced Weapon Handling Tim Chase

  • You can fire certain weapons (weapons that bounce--grenade & nuke families) straight down with a little help from the laws of physics in the game. Rope straight up onto the ceiling above your opponent. Just before you impact the ceiling, fire the weapon at the ceiling. It will ricochet off the ceiling and return back down. Since they explode on a time-delay, you can work on timing the drop so that the weapon explodes with direct impact for maximum damage.
  • After managing the grenade/nuke DFA (drop from above), switch to napalm, only drop further. Fire the rope up, and immediately follow it with the firing of napalm. The napalm continues downward with the momentum of your drop (the faster/further you drop the better), but your rope yanks you to safety. Just make sure that your rope can reach. On certain boards (especially an empty board), you can fall so far that your rope can't reach the ceiling. Can you say "toast?"

    Shoot and Run Tactics OpYi

    My favorite weapon is the rifle. Why? It's extremely powerful, and I love the strategy of using a single shot-slow reloading weapon. I prefer the shoot and run tactic as opposed to the shoot, keep shooting, waste the enemy, wait for him to come back and repeat tactic.

    Gauss Gun Practice with the Computer Greg

    To get really good with the guass gun, make a clear map except for a few rocks and a big one in the middle of the floor. Set the reload times to 10 percent and give both yourself and the computer all guass guns (set it to human, choose its weapons, and set it back to cpu). The computer is surprisingly good when it cant blow itself up.

    05.13.02 -- Roping fun! Nic01

    On a full-dirt landscape, go to the bottom, and *carve* the whole level.

    Make sure that quite a space of the floor is clear - then Rope away.

    Remember, you can use the rope while you're on a rope/in midair!

    Try to use the rope for Circus acts =) Or just drop big nukes...

    05.21.02 -- dan

    Stay in one corner and shoot the laser.

    05.30.01 -- HHH

    Strategy try to clear all the land and attack your enemy with powerful bombs(hope to have stones for protection and they do not block the way the bombs are going)with yourself hanging on the top of the map!

    06.18.02 -- Big Nuke Tactics Andy

    When someone has a big nuke ready, and he or she is on a platform above you, trying to do suicide, go up to him or her and while he or she throws big nukes (if in 0% loading times) jump down quickly. In that way, your target will kill himself or herself, and you won't even have lost any life at all!!!

    07.27.02 -- Projecticle Target Repositioning John Chase

    If your enemy tosses a projectile near you (grenade, chiquita, cluster, nuke, etc), rope on to them, and switch places!

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