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Download these total conversions for Liero. Total conversions are just themed packs of mods for Liero, often including level(s), graphic mods, font mods, weapon mods, exe mods, pallete mods, character mods, .dat files, readmes, rules, and instructions. Sometimes they are packaged as an entire Liero suite with the modified executable included. If that isn't the case, just go through installing each of the included mods the way you normally would.

ww2 Jon Ruiz
(includes level, character mod, dat file, and readme)
Download it now! ww2.zip 33k

Liero Dinos 1.6 JS
(includes liero.exe, weapon mod, sound mod, name file, dat file)
Download it now! LieroDino16.zip 428k

Military Mod v2 C.C.
Cool mod, with a great realism. Really great levels. I would get this pack just for some of these levels. (includes liero.exe, 10 levels, graphic mod, weapon mod, and a readme bitmap)
Download it now! milmodv2.zip 674k

Ghost Busters YH
Very creative mod. YH says he did it quickly, but it really is thoroughly cool. Includes a graphic mod, sound mod, weapon mod (cool weapons), and a full hacked exe file.
Download it now! lieroGB.zip 923k

Water Henrik Sigstad
Lots of fun weapons, a great theme, a whole pack of water levels, and sounds! A very nice well done TC.
Download it now! Water.zip 615k

Liero: Demolitions Neuralize
Amazing war-mod with very realistic weapons (all 40 modded!), GREAT graphics, very very nice sounds and an over all cool pack. A must have! (graphic mod, dat file, whole weapon mod, sound mod)
Download it now! LieroDemolitions.zip 476k

Rainbow Six Yue-hin Loke
Great mod, sounds are modded well, right from Rainbow Six, and the weapons are all very good and realistic. (modded weapons, modded sounds, level, dat file)
Download it now! RainbowSix.zip 324k

Ninja Liero Rammstein
Cool Ninja based mod with ninja weapons, and a mission. (full exe, modded weapons, level, dat file)
Download it now! NinjaLiero.zip 395k

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