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What is Liero?
Liero is a earthworm simulation for one or two players with many powerful weapons. Finish in origin, liero has gained a following over the past couple years. Although the graphics are simple and it is dos based, the game play is incredible, and the game is incredibly addictive.

How is it different from the game Worms?
Well, the main difference is that liero is real time, which means you don't take turns, which makes for a more action packed more interesting game, as opposed to the turn based play in worms. Also, the graphics are not necessarily as good in liero, although they have great character and you will not be burdened at all by them, in fact you may even like them better. In addition, liero is freeware and it is so small it fits on a floppy disk. Another cool thing is that you can dig through the landscape without special tools.

Can you make your own levels?
Yes, you can use the one provided with the game (which is very crippled), or you can use the current favorite, wormhole, which allows you to use any bitmap as a level. You can also download it here.

Are there weapons?
Yes, yes, yes. Lots of weapons, and good ones. Check out what can be in your arsenal on the weapon profiles page. There are 40 weapons in all. Now with Liero Kit 1.6 beta 2 (download here) you can actually change the weapons and save them.

In Worms there is a Ninja Rope, does Liero have one?
Yes. Some say it is better too. It is very long and realistically elastic. Also, unlike Worms, you can aim with weapons from it, it' s unlimited, and it's not a weapon you select (it's always something you can use).

What are the system requirements for Liero?
Take a look at our information on the game.

I just got liero, what are all the things I will need to be caught up to the fast paced world of liero?
You will need liero, the game (download here). That's the bare minimum, but let me tell you, liero is an addiction that grows. You WILL want more, so you should also get liero kit, wormhole, the blood increaser, (download here), some graphic mods, (download here), sound mods (download here), and of course some propaganda material such as wallpaper, icons, and music (download here).

How can I take screen shots of Liero?
Use the PrintScreen key, and if that doesn't work (and it often doesn't), use F12, which is supposed to take a screen shot and save it as a bmp in your liero directory. If all else fails, you can download a screen capture program like SnagIt. Also, you can hack Liero so that PrintScreen always works... Dom Orchard did. Contact him if you want a version of Liero that enables PrintScreen.

Is Liero fun?

Who is the creator of Liero?
Joosa Riekkinen, a cool guy from Finland. And no, that isn't me!

What does "liero" mean?
It means "worms" in Finnish.

Can you adjust the amount of blood?
From 0% to 500%, and you can increase it even more with an add-on editor you can find at wormhole. The gore, to some people is the most fun part. I, personally, find it distracting, and sort of crude.

Is there a version of Liero in 3d?
No, but there was one in development. I think the site is down now, and I'm not sure it will be coming back. You're welcome to check out the other up and coming Liero clones and sequels.

What is the scientific name for moose?
Well, that's not really relevant, but it is Alces alces (genus, species).

Where can I get Liero, and how much does it cost?
Your in luck. You can get it right here, and it's freeware, so you don't have to empty your wallet.

Does Liero have cheats?
No, maybe in upcoming versions? Although if you want to do lots of cool stuff, that is totally possible. You can make your health almost off the charts, along with your lives. So that is sort of like cheating.

If I like Liero, what other games might I like?
Well, check out our liero clones/sequels page which includes a bunch of games that have been likened to liero.

How many possible worm colors are there?
That would be 63 to the third power, which is 250047 color combinations.

What does "inderdaad" mean?
It means "indeed."

If I want my worm to blend into the board, what color should I use?
Using a RGB value of 40,20,0, which is the dirt color, almost does the trick, and if you want the rock gray color, use and RGB of about 28,28,28.

How do I run Liero with Parameters?
Go to the command line (open a dos window, get to the dos prompt). Traverse to the Liero directory (or just type in the path), and type "liero.exe /N /s2". That's it. I used two parameters as examples.

+        	Makes the game run faster (recommended on slower machines)
/Sn      	Frameskip, where n is a number 1..5
/1Jack   Sets player 1's name to Jack
/2Jill   Sets player 2's name to Jill
/M       MAP OFF
/Bxx     	AMOUNT OF BLOOD, xx% of the default amount
/Lname   	LEVELNAME, without the .LEV definition
/Txx     	LOADING TIMES, xx% of the default times
/N       	No sound
/R1      	Player 1 is a CPU-worm
/R2      	Player 2 is a CPU-worm
/Oname   	Uses the file NAME.DAT for settings

Can you play Liero over the net?
No. Check out the liero clones/sequels page. It has lots of developing Liero-like games that aim to have extensive multiplayer functions.


How do I use mods?
Mods differ between types and how you install them. The easiest thing to do is download a utility to do it all for you (like Liero Kit is excellent for this!). Also, Liero M8 now includes lots of great mod activation features. But if you really don't want to download a program, you can rename the file liero, and overwrite the default one, just make sure you have a backup.

What are Character mods, and how can I use them?
Liero Characters are mods at the personal level. Each character has 5 weapons (only that character can use), a color combination, and a name. Characters are made to be balanced, so they can face off against each other (or at least, balanced within a pack of characters). The first characters were made by Commander Cool (C.C.). So far all of them have been made by him, that I know of.

To use character mods, just install all the separate pieces as you normally would. Install the 5 weapons using a utility like LieroKit. The rest can be set in the game. Change your character's name and color to the ones given. Now you have a customized character!

How do I use Weapon mods?
Weapon mods are installed just like other mods. Use a program like Liero Kit. Select the weapon mod file (*.lwp), select a current Liero weapon to replace, and click "activate."


Does it work for Unix/Linux?
No, but there is a very close clone called NiL.
update: loyal Liero Fan, Japhy Ryder, has told me that it ran successfully on the Dosemu emulator for Linux.

Does it work for Windows XP??
Not really. Apparently it works if you run it without sound (parameter "/N").

Does it work for Mac?
No. It might work with an emulator of some type. If you know of any that have worked for you, let us know.

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