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Liero is a fast paced action packed real time earthworm combat simulation game. The current version is 1.33, and we're doubtful that the creator will make any more versions. The creator, Joosa Riekkinen, is based in Finland, but the game has become so popular that it has traveled to world wide fans like you and me. Liero is freeware, so feel free to download it, play it, and pass it around!

LIERO v1.33
copyright © Mets/nEl/imet 1998, 1999
creator: Joosa Riekkinen

Download it now! Liero.zip: 379kb

System Requirements

VGA video card + monitor
560kB free conventional memory

486 or better
VGA video card + monitor
560kB free conventional memory
Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card
760kB free XMS memory for sound effects

For more information on copyright, how to play, how to install, tips, tricks, hints, the future of liero, author's, etc, take a look at the help file that is included with the game.

More about the game:

Before entering the game, you have a variety of game modes to choose from, Kill 'em All (go for blood!), Game of Tag (first person to have a preset amount of time as " It"), Capture the Flag (kill 'em and collect their flags), and Simple CTF (collect their flags). Also, you may pick a level, or leave it randomized. A multitude of other options are available--and savable--for Liero.

As you enter the game, you must select five of the forty weapons in the Liero armory. The weapons in the game are fabulous, and are balanced for the most part. If you would like to learn more about the weapons in Liero, visit the weapon profiles for screenshots, descriptions, vitals, and strategies.

During the game, you fight your opponent through open air, on land, under ground, in the dirt, using rock for coverage. Your weapons have infinite ammunition. The thing that makes it tricky are the loading times on the weapons. Each weapon must reload in order to use it again.

The interface for liero includes easy to use options and in game settings. Load levels and saved settings from here, as well as changing game play type, player properties, controls, weapon settings, and more.

During the game, you have your current status at the bottom which includes the inset thumbnail map, your health, and your current weapon's loading bar.

Liero allows for mutliplayer mode in real time at the same console with its split screen in which each pane centers around the player and pans with their movement to catch all the action.

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