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How to have fun obliterating the computer

The built in Liero AI is fairly unintelligent. It is very random, and often gets stuck behind barriers. Because of this, you should, with very little practice, be able to completely anihilate the computer.

Some fun things to taunt the computer with include:

Lay mines like mad, all over the bottom of a board. Then travel in an upper portion of the board back and forth. The computer will follow underneath and walk into your mines (that's just the way it' s programmed).

Dig somewhere under him and hit him with the laser. Follow up with a nice doomsday or larpa through the tunnel carved out by the laser.

Use missile for target practice. He is too dumb to try to escape. Just sit on a far away part of the board and pick him off.

Making the computer a bit more of a challenge

There are ways to make the computer more of a challenge though. First, increase the computer's health (or decrease your own) until you feel totally confident that the AI has absolutely NOTHING on you.

Liero Kit, and Liero Hacker, both provide AI hacks for the computer player. Tweaking these can be somewhat effective in increasing the skill level of the computer.

Give the computer good weapons. You can do this by setting your opponent to Human, selecting their weapons, and then switching them back to CPU. Pick weapons it can't kill itself with easily ( like rifle, gauss, larpa, doomsday, etc).

Play on maps that the computer is able to compete on: ones that have few obstacles and are very simple. In fact, you may want to try an empty level.

Over all, no matter what you do to make your computer opponent good, ultimately, he will never be as skilled as you can be. But if you are begining player, you can make the computer be at least a compitent training dummy.

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