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screen shots
The Liero Training Center
Liero Tactics Board
Discuss Liero strategy at our very own, brand new YaBB forum!

Weapon Profiles
Browse through the armory of weapons Liero has to offer. Learn their vital stats, look at screen shots of them (almost), pick up some neat tips, download them, and more! <javascript required>

Arsenal Strategy
A list of the key things affecting your arsenal choice. Always be prepared going into battle!

Intro: Liero Strategy Basics
If you are a newbie, or a weathered Liero warrior looking for a refresher course, pick up all the basics of Liero here!

Tips List
Check out this smattering of tactics in list form. Basics, tips, and lesser known tidbits.

Playing the Computer
Learn how to cream the computer even worse than you already do. Also, learn how to make it more of a challenge for you.

Select Strategy Submissions
Tim Chase has some tips on advanced projectile handling, and check out some of the other quality contributions.

The Fun, the Crazy, the Odd
Think the fun stops at 0% load times? Think again.

Send us your strategies!
If you have tactics you would like to share with the Liero community at this site, we would be more than happy to host your tips, pointers, and articles. If you have a small tip, you are welcome to submit it for review with the below form. If you have a lengthy strategy, or an article of some sort, you may use the form, or, you can email tactics@lieroextreme.com.
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