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My worm is controled randomly!
Your control sets for player 1 and player 2 may over lap. This is even true when playing against the computer. Make sure to assign unique control sets to both players.

I can't fire at the same time as my friend when we play
There really isn't much you can do, except get better hardware. I have heard keytronics keyboards are good for Liero.

My worm is stuck in some weird material
You are probably playing on a level which has Special Rock, rock which weapons go through, but you don't. When your worm is randomly placed on the map, it is either placed in open air, dirt, or special rock. This is why it really isn't recommended to have a lot of special rock on a level.

I can't see my worm anywhere on the board
Some times you actually start off the bottom of the map (I have seen this happen). Usually it's from some high impact weapon. Either the impact, or the recoil can send you off the map.

My worm seems to be wedged in between too rocks, and I am not able to get out
If in fact all the material around you is rock, then usually this is because you have been blown back hard into that space. If this is the case, you can't do anything.

I don't have enough memory to run Liero!
There are a number of fixes to this, one of them being to get a better computer. But before you do that, look at the readme file. It has some tips. The easiest and quickest way is to just run liero with no sound (run from command line with "liero.exe /n"). Here are some other ways mentioned in the read me:
- Run the game with "liero /s2". The higher the number, the faster the game runs.
- Decrease the AMOUNT OF BLOOD
Johand Otterud wrote a good tutorial on the conventional memory problem in Liero. It can be found here.

I can't get it to work on Windows XP
As far as I know, the only way to make it work is to run Liero without sound (run Liero with the "/N" parameter).

I'm having trouble with the sound
Sometimes, this is fixable (if it's okay with you to not have sound) by just running Liero without the sound (use the parameter '/N'). I know that doesn't fix all the sound problems I've heard of ("error initializing sound card" and "Initializing sound system..BLASTER environment variable error Using no sound"). If you have any fixes for sound problems, let us know!

I get the error: "runtime error 002 at 135c:05EE"
I don't know.

I get the error: "Runtime error 203 at 135c:0bee" (or any error 203)
"You don't have enough free conventional memory. Try to free some memory by loading drivers to the upper memory block or removing unnecessary drivers. You can ask for details if you have problems." -Readme

Liero is running slow on my machine
Make sure your computer meets the hardware requirements (they can be found here). Try closing other applications. Also, make sure you run Liero in fullscreen mode. If you conitnue to have trouble, run Liero with the "+" parameter, which is designed make the game run faster. Also, set the frameskip higher (use the "/S" parameter with a number 1-5; ex: "/S3"). Also, you may be having conventional memory problems. See the solution to that above. Here's what it says about the game running slow in the Readme file:

You've got a slow machine. Try the following:
- Run the game with "liero /s2". The higher the number, the faster the game runs.
- Decrease the AMOUNT OF BLOOD
- Set the sounds OFF by running the game with "liero /n"
- Get yourself a faster machine

Liero Kit

Liero Kit doesn't work!!
You may need the visual basic files (download here), or you may need a better computer, in which case you can use Liero Editor (download here), which is the old-school, original weapon editor for Liero.

It replaces my current weapons when I activate new ones
Liero, in its current form, only allows for 40 weapons, regardless of how you hack it. So, replacing weapons is all we can do right now. Sorry folks! :-(

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