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  • Of course, playing with 0% loading times is such a blast. Set your loading times to 0% for an interesting twist in the game. Some of my favorite weapons to use under these conditions are big nukes, explosives, spikeballs, crackler, and of course missile. I don't recommend this mode for sanctioned tournament play, but for a good time, you should give it a try. Your system needs a bit more resources then normal, due to the overload of all the sprites on the screen at once, so sometimes it can be slow.
  • Play on a board that is entirely empty (no dirt, no rocks, nothing). Having no where to hide makes it interesting. The main key is to stay on the move, and keep on the ceiling of the board with your ninja rope. To get up, you will have to scale the sides.
  • Roping on to your opponent can be good fun
  • Have all ONE weapon battles. Both opponents go into the game with all five of the same weapon and just go all out (especially fun ones are rifle, laser, larpa, gauss, and missile)
  • On some levels, the floors of rooms are so thin that you can hurt the player in the room above you by shooting at the ceiling under him (make him fly with the gauss, for instance).

    Lightspeed Cannon
    07.25.02 -- Will Pierce

    Basically you shoot hundreds of bouncy mines into a moderately thin piece of dirt (that way they dont bounce or explode, just stay still) and switch weapon to fan. Then using your fan you blow the bouncy mines out of the side of the piece of dirt (you just fan them and they go through the dirt and out of the other side) and they go super fast (so fast you cant see most of them) and if you jump into the path of one of them you will be blasted around the level. One thing to remember is that the dirt cant be against the edge of the map or it wont work.

    Ideas for 0% Load Time

    -- Dudemyster

    Put the loading time at 0% then get a missile. Keep shooting your missiles while holding a direction button, your missiles should go in a circle. After you have a lot of missiles, press the oposite direction key of the one you were holding down. Now the missiles should go in every direction!

    12.11.01 -- Neco Alpha

    Here's sumore fun things to do with 0% loading times. Weapon: chiquita bomb

    1.Chiquita shotgun: Go right up touching a big rock or thick wall. Fire as much chiquita bomb as you like (provided it doesn't blow up in your face). Then run like hell. The chiquita bomb will be blown out of the rock by the first one and explode in mid air and the chiquita bombs go everywhere.

    2.Chiquita firework: be on top of somewhere with alot of room above you. Fire one bomb and wait a moment, not too long or you'll die, then fire lots more onto the pile. And as a repeat run like hell for a bomb shelter.

    12.19.01 -- Benedict Barron

    I think that rifle is the best as you can fly around the map at an incredible speed that you can even commit suicide (don't hold down fire or you'll ask for it).It is also so extreme that you can get in a corner and devistate the hole arena and your opponent.

    05.13.02 -- Nic01

    #1 : Jetpack.

    Use a high-recoil weapon (Don't use Rifle - to fast) and aim the lowest you can when you're on the floor. You always lose some health in the blastoff, but, oh, what fun it is to fly!

    Best weapon for the trick : Minigun or Uzi - More control, less damage at blast-off.

    #2 : Fake Bomber.

    Follow the same steps as Jetpack - But make it so that Big Nuke (Or other good cluster weapons) Is right "next" to each other on the weapon list.

    When flying, quickly change into Big nuke, fire a short spray, switch back to jet pack weapon, and blast your way up again.

    04.14.02 -- Chanon

    use 'bouncy mine' to be 'CRAZY BOUNCING MINE!!'
    -stand beside the stone or dirt, aim down, really down, and aim up a little.*just a little. and fire until you think those are enough. (the bouncy mines are now in the wall. then MOVE BACK!. ( if u fire to the right, u should move left). u will die!, and the bouncy mine will bounce like CRAZY!!!!

    05.29.02 -- john lees

    strategy with 0% loading time, fire float mines all around yourself, then using the fan, fire them around the arena

    06.02.02 -- Zephyr

    When playing with 0% loading time, the missile is one of the best weapons to use. You can create a "blanket" so the enemy can't escape.

    06.05.02 -- Lierothrasher

    Weapon: Gauss Gun, Spikeball
    Use the gauss gun to ligft you off the ground (it has a lot of recoil),zoom around on the ceiling, then immediately ninja rope onto it. Fire the spikeballs like hell. Alternatively yuo could use Hellraider to keep yourself on the ceiling. The CPU is too stupid to ninjarope anywhere or even fire. Even if it fires the weapons are something like Zimm or Winchester.

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