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Liero Sound Bank Mods
Change the sounds inside Liero. Save the sound file (*.snd) as liero.snd and overwrite the one that is in the Liero root directory (you may want to make a backup of the one they have, although if you ever need it, it's here. These can be very cool, and as always, they are small downloads!

Standard Joosa
Of course these sounds are good, straight from the game Molez, but they work alright. You probably DO want mod your sounds for fun with a cool mod below though.
Download it now! liero.zip: 289kb

Doom unknown
Fabulous mod straight from the game Doom.
Download it now! doom.zip: 332kb

Commando unknown
Great military sounds that work well with the game.
Download it now! commando.zip: 295kb

Echo unknown
An echo has been added to all the sounds.. It is more noticable on some weapons then others though.
Download it now! echo.zip: 319kb

Funny unknown
Crazy sounds, although fun, a bit overbearing at times.
Download it now! funny.zip: 234kb

Halflife unknown
Nicely done halflife mod, from the game. All around fun sound pack
Download it now! halflife.zip: 477kb

Matrix unknown
Cool sounds, that I suppose sound matrix-like
Download it now! matrix.zip: 299kb

Special ops unknown
Cool high tech sounds that go well with the game
Download it now! specops.zip: 549kb

Trapasak unknown
Fun mod with some crazy cool sounds, almost sounds like a cartoon or something.
Download it now! trapasak.zip: 549kb

Red Alert Krambambuli
Cool mod with all the sounds redone, including some cool little sayings and such.
Download it now! redalert.zip: 524kb

No Sound Dudemyster
No sound at all, great for if you like music in the background of liero, but the sounds are too overbearing. A nice staple mod you should have.
Download it now! nosound.zip: 1kb

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