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Liero, the game. Find out a little more about it or visit the faq. If you don't have it, you better click here now:
Download it now! Liero.zip: 379kb

Get all the greatest levels right here.

Programs and Utilities
Find the neat little programs you'll need to aid you in your wormish conquests, including Liero Kit, Wormhole, Blood Increasers, and much more.

Graphic Mods
Trick out your little Liero worms, weapons, and more.

Sound Mods
Change all the sounds in Liero. Mix it up.

Pallete Mods
Liero in green, Liero in blue, Liero in black and white, and more. Totally psychidelic.

Font Mods
Choose different fonts for all the option menus inside Liero.

Weapon Mods
Pick up all sorts of revolutionary weapons here. Get super-power weapons, fun, tactical weapons, and carefully balanced packs of all 40 weapons.

Total Conversions (TCs)
Download entire versions of Liero with themed mods (including graphical changes, sound changes, weapon changes, included levels, and more).

Give your worm identity! Characters with their own name, color, and set of five weapons add another dimmension to the game.

Other Downloads
Get your Liero icons, backgrounds, and music right here. This is where "everything else" goes.

site on cd
If you want all of Liero Extreme, and all of the downloads it has to offer, on cd, please send me an email asking how that can be aranged. If you don't have a fast connection, it might be just the thing you need, to have all 50 or so megs of Liero stuff in the palm of your hands. note: be prepared to pay $5 to $10 (USD) for the cost of the cd and s/h.

No mods/level submissions, please!
Liero Extreme no longer accepts mods (TC's, weapons, fonts, palletes, sounds, characters, graphics) or levels. Please feel free to still submit your Programs and various Liero downloads (such as backgrounds, icons, etc.). All those submissions that I' ve received prior to May 15, 2002 will still be processed, and placed on the site if they're quality. Take a look at the full submission guidelines.

Direct email to webmaster@lieroextreme.com.
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