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How do I even start?!
To make an extremely basic level, you can just use the editor that comes with the Liero. If you want to get more serious, use wormhole or world digger (download here). These both have painting tools in them for creating levels. To go all the way and make the best level you can, use a good paint program (anything from Paint to Photoshop should do) and then import the bmp file. Make sure to use the liero pallete file as a guide. You can import levels using wormhole, liero m8, lev tools, or liero kit (download here).

So what makes a good level?
A good level is attractive, well designed, and playable. The level should not have any structural problems which cause liero to crash (like having lots of rock covering the bottom of the map). The special rock (rock which you can not go through but weapons can) should not be included in large swatches of color because you may start IN the material and not be able to move. Backgrounds should not change when a worm digs in the foreground. Don't use obnoxious rainbows of colors or excessive blinking material, that is just anoying, so spare us all! Levels should be original and unique. Lots of chambers for fighting should be included as well as large open spaces, and even some small corridors (USE SPARINGLY). One other thing you might want to watch out for is having walls that are too thin. A wall that is too thin can be fired through (which may or may not be desirable in a level). Make sure that there are no totally enclosed areas which might make it impossible to reach your opponent. Also, have a good mix of dirt and rock. Think about where you can use dirt in a realistic way that fits in with the level. A level should be attractive and great care and detail should be given to it's design. When you have made a level, test, test and test it again. Even a lame map can be fun if it is playable.

Fun things to do when making a level
  • There are various colors in Liero which look identical in the game when using the standard pallete. Make secret passageways in walls using the dirt material that has the same color as the rock material.
  • Use the special rock in the level or the special dirt for some very interesting effects.
  • Make a mission to go with the level, like training, destroying something, getting somewhere, etc..
  • Racetracks can be fun to play. Make a creative race loop, starting blocks, stands, etc.

    more fun stuff to do when making a level Dudemyster
    Try taking a level and then using Wormhole add lots of worms of both player 1 and player 2 colours. Then when playing with a friend take turns hiding amoung the other worms or "decoy" worms that you created. After one player hides that player covers his screen while the other player tries to find him amoung the decoys!

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