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Communications Center
Liero Sequels/Clones
Liero World
TS Community Service
Liero Hell Hole

Great downloads (the most of any Liero site, I think), nice looking page, and updated fairly frequently. Note: I'm not sure why, but the site is blank right now.

Liero Net

THE message board for the Liero community is located here. This site has been around for over two years now. It has lots of downloads and good information, and it's updated every once and a while.

D11 Clan

What was once a fairly new clan, is now a tried and true, well respected, large clan in the community with a decent site (with a very well done architecture). Lots of downloads to be had here too! Nice, complete, links page as well.

Liero Culture

The Liero Photo Album, and the Liero Encylcopedia.

Liero Zone

Great downloads resource. Haven't heard much of it recently. I'm not sure when it was last updated. It's still a great place to visit, and a top Liero site.

Liero Challenges

I'm giving this site the benifit of the doubt. At least it's not dead yet like most sites :-). No, this site has some very origional challenges that are great for those who are getting bored with Liero' s ease. The site has limited resources, and the design isn't great. Here's what David said: "I know it is new, but this site is THE place to go when you've grown tired of beating the snot out of the computer and you're friends. The toughest most grueling challenges for Liero since it was created!"

Terror Sabbath

An awesome clan, the biggest on the web, I think. It's got a lot of members, an active forum, and an active site. Not really any resources though.


The awesome wormhole editor, and a fan site with other cool things. Not much variety, but TONS of mod downloads and level downloads, along with a guestbook that is pretty active. The site is almost never updated.

Liero Masters

A clan. The usual resources, downloads, forum and a poll.

Liero Nuclear Reactor

Liero Level Design site dedicated to Liero levels. Nice looking site.

Liero Resort

Decent recources, and as of right now, it's being kept up to date.

Liero Addict

Fun site, great design, creative, new, fresh content; Power Liero!

Liero Tilt

Nicely designed site with some good content

Liero Best

Home of the great Liero Animation. A bit of dowloads.

Liero Jungle

Decent resources. Worth checkin' out, although it's design isn't great.

Kyle's Liero Site

A fast growing, new Liero site. Made by a friend of mine. Lovely random screenshot. He'd be eager to have any of your downloads.

Liero Competitions Center

Liero Level Competition and Weapons Competition site.

SP Liero

Cool personal site with some of his own downloads, good information, nice links section, and more. Nice Design

Liero Unlimited

A fair amount of downloads.

Liero City

Decent site with some good content and downloads (including some fun settings files).

Strategy: by Justin Bailey

Awesome strategy, overview, weapons, faq, and much more. Great site!

Strategy: by Magus

Another great help file, like the one above. Tons of good content here.

Neo Dimmension

Site with some potential. It has some resources.

Liero Fever

Poor site. Not much focus. Not a ton of resources

Tenchul Liero Archive

A bunch of stuff Tenchul made.

Liero Levels

Some kickin' levels made with Wormhole.

Liero Editor

The site for the new liero editor that allows you to play around with the weapon settings. Not terribly meaty, but included for the sake off completeness and originalness of source.

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