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You will need Liero Kit 1.6 to use these weapon mods (download here). If you really want the standard weapon list, you can get it here too (Download now!: 4kb).

Black Wind Weapon Mod 1 Black Wind
Really great full 40 weapon mod with sounds and graphics, along with liero.exe.
Download it now! blackwindWeaponMod1.zip: 431kb

Scizor Pack 1 Scizor999
Decent weapons. Fun, a bit powerful, but fun. (Meteor, Bad Breath, Ditto push, Iron tail, mega shock, Metal claw, Anima)
Download it now! scizor999Pack1.zip: 4kb

Advanced Warfare Probable
A great weapon pack, balanced enough to use in a game, great variety, fun, and attractive (B-laser, Banana gun, Blunderbuss, Bore Rockets, Burier, C4, Drifting mine, Du caltrops, Du handgun, Du rifle, Du shotgun, Elephant gun, Flamer thrower, Gamma ray, ICBM, Immolator, Ion beam, Jump fan, Macro shotgun, Mg launcher, Missiles, Mortar, Napalm gun, Nuke gun, Nuke, Omen, Ragnarok, Rail gun, Rattler, Shrapnel mine, Sniper rifle, Sticky bomb, Swarmers, Thermite bomb, Thermite mine, Toxic grenade, Toxic rifle, Toxic shotgun, Wanderer, Zimm accel).
Download it now! advancedWarfare1.zip: 4kb

Tim's Pack 1 Tim Chase
Some crazy cool weapons (gunner, banana gunner, and blender). Gunner is the first weapon of its type I've seen, Black Wind's pack, which came out more recently, has Turret, which is similar.
Download it now! timsPack1.zip: 2kb

Turbo Pack 2 Turbo9000
Fun weapons. I really like rancid gas, the others are cool too. (blue laser, cumbustion gun, mass-driver, napalm skies, rancid gas, sawblade, sonic cannon, tidal surge, wallgripper)
Download it now! TurboWpnPack2.zip: 6kb

Yam Guys Pack 1 The Cornish One
39 cool weapons. Nothing radical, but all very useful and fun. Balanced pack, too.
Download it now! yamguys1.zip: 21kb

Beeee Pack 1 Beeee
Lots of decent weapons (auto gauss, auto rifle, banana rain, flash grenade, heavyflamer, hellbringer, jobby, jobby cannon, lasgun, magnum, mega bomb, missileline, napalmx, nukecrackler, rapid bazooka, sensor rifle, superchiquita, touch sensor). 18 weapons in all.
Download it now! beeeePack1.zip: 11kb

EvilMike Pack 1 EvilMike
Sweet weapon pack of 40 weapons (an entire weapon list replacement) including some EXCELLENT weapons (some of my favorites include gravity ball and p missile, but there are some other great weapons)
Download it now! evilmikePack1.zip: 9kb

Zertrag Pack 2 Zertrag
Another decent pack of weapons from Zertag (includes mine nuke, dirt shotgun, lightning gun, firebomb, dirt shield, suicide, hellraider sg, and deathtrap).
Download it now! zertragPack2.zip: 5kb

Zertrag Pack 1 Zertrag
Cool weapons, including remote nuke, time bomb, dropper mine, jetpack, and deathstream.
Download it now! zertragPack1.zip: 4kb

Turbo Pack 1 Turbo9000
Some nice weapons. Fun and inovative. (tazer, cerebral bore, nuke shotgun, mole bomb, jumpjet, grav bomb, chrono cannon, and rivet gun).
Download it now! TurboWpnPack1.zip: 5kb

Neilx Pack 3 Neilx
More fun weapons from Neilx (ultra shotgun, acidic puddle, bubble jet, capture q, e grenade, e rocket, emg escape, flasher q, floper, girnades, grazz hopper, heavy gauss, maxi rockets, movement q, mud grenade q, multi grenade, ozzi, rapid dart, red shotgun, rfm grenade, smokein, snakers, special bomb, special object hack 1, special object hack 2, stone wall q, and acid fan).
Download it now! nwp4.zip: 16kb

Johns Pack 1 John Chase
Useful weapons (includes Kamikaze, Pimp Gauss, Nuke Launcher, Incinerator, Blood Seeker, Roof Charge, Fireworks, Upper cut, Rip Cord and Burst Laser).
Download it now! johnsPack1.zip: 6kb

Neilx Pack 2 Neilx
Sweet pack including Banana sg (shotgun), Commit Rocket, Death egg, Farset b (bananas), Farset c, Flag trap, Leaf Blower, Neilx Grenade, Nightcrawler, Nuke toss, Pixel wall, Pixel wall X, Plasma Rifle, Red hot turd, Slow motion, Splater Beam, Starfield, and STONE DRILL!
Download it now! nwm3.zip: 18kb

Neilx Pack 1 Neilx
Sweet pack including Acid Spray, Cattle Prod, Fire Dart, Greenstreak, Handgun DX, Heavy Drill, Larpa X, Liquid Air, Neilx Weapon, Plastic Blast, Rb Rampage X, SB (spikeball) grenade, Smoke Bomb.
Download it now! neilxpack.zip: 3kb

Gliptic Pack 1 Gliptic
Cool weapons, including Boids, Laser Rifle (created by Spaceman42), Massive Gun, Hidden Danger, Spinner, Steel Sphere, and Time bomb.
Download it now! glipticPack1.zip: 5kb

Liero Kit Weapons Gliptic
These are the sample weapon mods included with Liero Kit 1.6 Beta, including Chainsaw, Dirttrap, Drill, Fire zimm, Fire Trails, Flubber, Napalm Hunter, Plasma gun, Radioactives, Suicide, Banana Wall, Chiquita Fake, Crazy rockets, and Heavy Nuke.
Download it now! lierokit1.zip: 8kb

If you don't have Liero Kit 1.6 (download here), then this is a self extracting weapons pack. woo!
Neilx pack 1 neilxpackEXE.zip: 55kb

More Weapon Mods

Chris Pack 1 Chris

ChrisPack1.zip: 11kb
Cool weapon pack with some fun weapons.
DJ Valto Pack 1 DJ Valto
DJValtoPack1.zip: 9kb 15 decent weapons. Fun to play with, nothing revolutionary. Some are a bit overkill (as some weapons warn you of).
MadSquid Packs 1, 2, and 3 MadSquid
madSquidPacks123.zip: 9kb Three whole weapon packs (that's 120 weapons for those who can't multiply).
Child Weapons C.C. Child.zip: 101kb Very creative harmless child weapons (drill, balloon, poomine, flies, fireworks, dirtgun, jumping ball, kottar, laser lamp, wind, fart flyer, lemonade gun, snor explosion, snor gun, puke, bounce balls, water gun, and water balloon).
Beam Saber instantwinner45 beamSaber.zip: 1kb "a weapon derived from the laser. The only difference is that it is cooler, its blue and is well... a beam sabre!"
Pika Weapons Pikabutcher pikaweapons.zip: 5kb
Thermal Pack 1 Thermal ThermalPack1.zip: 5kb
Improved Basic The D.M.
ImprovedBasic.zip: 5kb
ImprovedBasic2.zip: 6kb
Just an upgrade of sorts, to all the weapons in Liero (not more powerful, just improved, and still well rounded). Now, the new second upgraded version!
MegaFan Maftik megafan.zip: 1kb Just a big fan.
Marky Pack 1 Mark Dong markyPack1.zip: 2kb Armaggedon, a mass destruction weapon and fireball, a fun little weapon

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