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Liero is a fast-paced action game. A history with real-time combat simulation games will be to your advantage when playing Liero. If you're ready for something like Worms, you're in for a suprise--and a treat.

First, learn how to play. Play around. Try the computer. Play some newbie friends. Learn all the controls until you are comfortable with movement, digging, roping, firing weapons, and changing weapons.

The next thing you will find vital is the mastry of the ninja rope. This is of paramount importance when playing Liero. In order to get away quickly, strike quickly, and move quickly the ninja rope must be utilized almost entirely. Eventually, you will find yourself moving in almost every situation via the rope instead of by ground (which is horribly slow).

There are different schools of thought on movement in the game ( and this goes for most games like this): Camping vs. Shoot n Run. Camping is setting up camp in one little bunker on the board, and playing defense. Shoot n Run is self-explanitory. In general, camping, although fairly effective (unless both people are doing it), is looked down upon. Also, it almost never wins the game. If everyone camps, the game goes nowhere. The latter of the two strategies has many varieties, and it is the most popular.

The first type of the Shoot n Run strategy is this: Swing and Lob. This isn't terribly aggressive, but it can be succesful. Swing from the roof and lob projectiles, or rain particle missiles on the enemy below. This strategy (unless you get VERY good at it) is usually not the best against experienced players. In this, you will perfect your lobbing skills, your throwing and bouncing skills (with the projectiles), and your roping skills. You will become an effective player when you master those techniques.

I think there is only one other type of Shoot n Run (with the possible exception of suicidal mania), and that is being entirely aggresive. Chase your enemy down, fire until you have nothing left, make quick kills, and corner them. This is a big intimidation factor. Even if you are loosing, even if you don't have as many weapons loaded, even with less health; you will still have the psychological upper hand. Very effective. In this, you will master your speed and control of your worm, your rate of fire, reflexes, and close combat situations.

Suicidal mania is not completely dismissed. The more extreme you become with your aggresive tactics, the more intimidation, and the quicker the game becomes. But be careful to keep your wits about you. Don't cross the line between aggresive and suicidal stupidty.

When being aggresive--watch for times when their weapons are not loaded (if they have just fired them all off, or if they are obviously taking a loading break). Use this to your advantage. Even if you only gain a second or two on them because of their vulnerability, it's worth it.

One more combat situation to address: Close Combat. You may want to have a weapon on you that serves you well in very close range. Check the detect range on your favorite weapons. Many choose spikeballs, or one of the shotguns to pump into their enemy when they get too close.

If you are more conservative player--but still want to avoid camping--you may want to develop your keen accuracy of weapons such as the rifle, gauss gun, or winchester and become a sniper. Picking off your opponent from the other side of the screen will definitely flex your muscles of domination. Make sure you always have your defenses up at all times, and remember to avoid becoming a sitting duck while setting up shots.

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