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  • Pick an arsenal that is useful. Don't get any useless weapons. Defensive weapons are usually not very good either ( like dirtball, greenball and fan, which don't hurt). Weapons that don't do much damage shouldn't be taking up valuable slots in your arsenal either (like dart).
  • If your not comfortable with weapons that can backfire on you (such as bouncy weapons, mines, or the crackler), don't get them!
  • Consider the map before you start, that is, what weapons might be good on the map. If there is lots of dirt, a laser might be called for, or if it's all tight passageways, you might not want to include larpa, or mines (since you can't really jump them yourself). Eventually, you may develop different arsenals for different types of terrain. Be very discriminating.
  • If you are playing with Load+Change off, I recommend choosing a mix of different types of weapons, including guns, projectiles, and maybe even some traps (mines, bouncy mines, float mines, or booby traps). My normal arsenal for instance is something like this: Doomsday, Larpa, Gauss Gun, Chaingun, and laser (if the map has a lot of dirt). I find the guns the most useful.
  • When playing with Load+Change on, play with fast firing weapons and your most favorites, even doubled so you can whip out a second quickly if you have to. For instance, my usual arsenal is two gauss guns, two larpa, and spikeballs.
  • When you have a great arsenal, and you want to keep, do not pick up those weapon powerups. They replace your current weapon, if you didn't know. Also, sometimes they blow up. I almost never pick them up, especially when Names on Bonuses is turned off.
  • Put your weapons in a certain order, so that you can cycle through them quickly and with familiarity.

  • Finally: Don't be closed minded about trying new weapons! You'll find yourself becoming attached one certain weapon or another. Loving a weapon, and being able to handle it well is good--but don't let it compromise your abilities to use all the weapons in the Liero armory. Almost every single weapon is very powerful in the right hands (the game is a lot more balanced than you might think).

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