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  • Always stay moving, moving targets are harder to hit.
  • Master the ninja rope. It is SO essential. Make sure you can operate and change weapons from the rope.
  • Empty the weapons on your opponent, then go run away and reload.
  • If you are hurt in a battle, recharge on health ASAP. Recharging your health with the health powerups can save you lives. Go hunting for them. If my I have 100% health, and I run across health, I usually blow it up so my opponent can not get it.
  • If you play for kills, it is sometimes wise to kill yourself when you are getting low on health so your opponent can't get the kill
  • Finding a rock for cover in a battle is always a good idea.
  • TIP: You can fire weapons from behind a thin wall of dirt or rock. This can sometimes come in handy.
  • Use the enemies side of the split screen for some help in navigation and targeting.
  • Also, the inset map is can be useful for targeting as well as navigation. It is great when you can launch a blind surprise attack.
  • Use gravity to your advantage when discharging weapons. Remember that the velocity your worm is going at is added or subtracted to the initial velocity of the weapon you are using. You can really throw a projectile if you are flying fast through the air. If you fly quickly across the board, then whip around and fire a weapon, it will move in slow motion, from the inertia (fun to do).
  • I almost never use weapons that can backfire on me, because when I do, they usually hurt me as much as the opponent. I suggest not getting any bouncing things or any traps. (bouncy larpa, crackler, bouncy mine, zimm, mines, float mines, rb rampage, etc.).
  • Rope on to your enemy!
  • When you rope on to your enemy, good weapons to use, include chaingun, flamer, and other effective weapons, since they can not get away from you.
  • Use weapons with kick back to push your enemy into weapons they may not want.
  • If you come across a weapon you don't want, blowing it up can be advantageous to you, so that you don't pick it up later.
  • An uncommonly known fact is that you can actually change weapons while using a guided weapon (missile), then switch back to resume.

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