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05.18.02 -- -neo-
message an idea for the next version of liero tha comes out... well to speed u gameplay, and help make melee versions of this game more enjoyable (i.e. sword of the samurai TC) where the main attacks are swords and you need quick reflexes to attack and defend well, set the weapon choosing and firing to seperate buttons for each of the 5 weapons... (i.e. l=weapon1 ;=weapon2 and so fourth)

04.30.02 -- Josiah
You should make a story mode where you go through increasingly difficult levels.

04.27.02 -- Kenneth Stamper
Liero should be left alone as much as possible!!!! This includes leaving the graphics and sounds the way they are. The only changes I would make is to make it LAN/Internet capable, better AI, and 4 player. Too many changes will ruin it.

04.11.02 -- VProskaposti
Well...It would be nice if you put more GUNS in the game. Big explosives would be good. Some kind of atomic bomb, which would explode half the play area clear off! Now that, would be cool. Chainsaw would be nice too.

04.08.02 -- Spaced_Out95
Liero 2 should have everything that the others have spoken of. More weapons (including melee), better maps, better graphics, music, sounds, ect... But I think that it should have more of the smaller stuff too. What about wall turrets and computer mines? What about an item that can spawn mini-cpu units that attack multiple (notice the multiple) computer enemies. How about spikes and lava? And who could forget missions? There should be storylines... a plot. There should also be something where you can get items to make you like fire resistant or unpoisoned ( poisonous weapons!). I believe that the small stuff will kick liero to the next level of gameplay.

04.08.02 -- Ace
Please Joosa, make new verisions of liero or liero 2 or even better...LIERO OPEN SOURCE!!!

Teleporter (Ammo=1 Loading time= 50%)
Water bomb (Ammo=10 Loading time=20%)
Black Hole (Ammo=3 Loading time= 50%)
Shield (Ammo=1 Loading time=60%)
Murder Worms(Ammo=15 Loading time=30%)
Explosiv sheep (Ammo=3 Loading time=45%)
Clone (Ammo=2 Loading time=75%)(A copy of yourself)
Guided Grasshopper (Ammo=5 Loading time=55%)
Freezing bomb (Ammo=10 Loading time=10%)(Makes the enemy to stand still)
Magic (Needs mana, lift things and throw them,fireball,Lighting,water,transform to other objects and a lot more)
Satelite beam

Water(you can swim in)
Things falling down if they not stand on something
Night and day

*****Instead of Ninjarope*****
Wings to your worm
Thing you can go in to(Tanks,cars and so)

04.08.02 -- Adam
i'd like to add a few cool details. i was thinking, and came up with a great idea. you should be able to grab chiquita bombs, big nukes, etc with your ninja rope, thus, being able to launch it back on your opponent. also like the idea of stationery turrets, tanks, and such. and you should also be able to move the screen if you have a laser sight, so you can have better control on ranged shots with the rifle.

04.03.02 -- micks
the fan should have a button all of its own, so it can be used in quick response. It could still have reload times and need to be picked up.

03.30.02 -- Xavier
I want a teleporter and some water you can swim in...But no more space...Liero 2 cant take over 5 megabytes!!!

03.30.02 -- Lothlorianelf
I think Liero2 should have MUCH BIGGER levels, and better AI, also all the old programs like wormhole should work on it.

03.29.02 -- Andrew
I think that we should be able to use a game pad and be able to ajuest the intlegence odd your oppennet AI and a story mode so you don't get bored with single match and devices (other than weapons) like unlimted ammo (no reload)flight mode (able to fly) etc.

03.28.02 -- Andrew
Make sure it has the preset controls like classic, worms ect. ( make sure you can customize them too). And make sure you can turn the blood of for the kids so there mothers don't get them grounded like they would do with dope wars because they download most of the time (I think)

03.26.02 -- barty_man
i agree with Grimdoc that Liero2 shouldn't be in Dos. nd that people could play it over Internet/LAN. Please do these two things.

03.26.02 -- Grimdoc
Liero2 Shouldn't be in DOS format. It would be much easier without having it in DOS. and some new weapons could be: Nuclear Bomb(when you use this you and the enemy lose your lives, Pretty Dangerous). Virus Gun(shoot out a virus that attaches to the enemy and the enemy is getting weaker the whole time, and you have to be close to him for infecting him with the virus).

03.25.02 -- War_machine
I think liero 2 should have a built in easy weapon editor and creator. That would be cool!

03.25.02 -- Zemyla
I think the next Liero should be easier to customize. You should be able to just plug in a set of modifications without having to hack the exe file. Also, it should crash less.

03.17.02 -- Jeff D
First of all, liero should be capable of running on non- conventional memory. Also, when you pick up a weapon box up, it should be added to the list of weapons without removing the curent weapon. Another important thing is the ability to edit everything, including material types and weapon paths.

03.15.02 -- Caleb
i would want liero 2 to have TCP/IP or IPX support for network gaming.. its a cute game and will be very fun on a mass multiplayer

03.12.02 -- Ace
Why can they not have teleport? Or levels with water, trees and like that!

03.08.02 -- CU, Chuckie
the weapons in liero v1.33 are quite enough. But how do you think about this weapon: Icegun - shots either a bullet of ice which freezes your opponent or a stream on the ceiling which changes fast into a killing rain of icicles.

What about a "harakiri-commando" - an undestroyable fortress, some friendly lieros and a wave of enemies who try to kill the worms. A kind of tactical teamplay.

03.02.02 -- Daniel Willis
i think the levels should be more than just a picture. they should have items in them, similar to lemmings. better ai (one that doesn' t try to walk through a wall when it can walk around). the weapons are good, but any that have a long explosion time should be hurried up. A higher resolution would be good too.

03.01.02 -- Grimdoc
I think that liero 2 should have a network/internet connecetion (so u could play it with others over the net)
A new Weapon Could Be The Ultimate Doom: Shoots out a GIANT Green Beam, That Hurts a LOT, and it take some time to reload it.
Thanks For That Liero Is A FREE, And COOL Game!!

02.20.02 -- anon
I think Liero 2 should have some kind of ranking system for network playing. Lots of online games have these. It will make people go "Just a few more games!" "After I raise my level!" and make people play even more.

02.18.02 -- Ice
I think its funny how everyone thinks there ideas are the best and think everyone elses are stupid. What makes one persons ideas better than the next? Liero is the best game I have ever downloaded off the internet its damn near perfect in every aspect of gameplay. I agree multiplayer internet and maybe 4 person split screen would be fun I think they would take the game to greater heights and gain ever more popularity. On the internet people could make clans, have wars, find the best opponents all the aspects of good games on the market that are 500x the size and cost $50 or more. The one idea I have that I have not seen anyone else suggest so far is the option of making your own character with set name and color. These characters could then have statistics that he and other people on the internet could view such as frags, deaths, accuracy maybe you could have a ladder or ranking system of some sort. I think that would make it the optimal game it can be. This game is yours. And it is you who makes the disicions after making liero as great as it was I trust you will dig through all the suggestions given to you and pick the best ones without completely changing the gameplay. I know once you do find the perfect balance it will then take tons of programming to put it all together.

02.16.02 -- MadMe
everybody that says that the only thing on liero that should be changed is the music and more weapons is a fool. if they only want that let them play liero 1 and make there own weapons. i think liero2 should be 3d and if there pc's can't handle that then let them make there own liero version. liero2 should be an internet/ lan game with a atleast 4 player battle and 3d(it doesn't have to be beautifull yust to make it more exciting). there should be a 3d version of the best weapons in liero 1 and maybe even new weapons. i also think it would be a lot of fun if you had extra items like temperary invincebility or invisability, and maybe health packs. and if you really want to make it a special game you should be able to make the worm more than yust your favorite color, but maybe pick out a hat or something. that would be hilarious

02.16.02 -- vicky
Liero 2 should have power ups like a front facing shield to make you invincible from the front and stealth so your invisible. A box that fills your health completey would be good and a speed boost. Network and online play and better AI is a must though. They had better not mess with the weapons or the physics.

02.12.02 -- Barg
* atleast 4 players, either splitscreen or LAN, both would be best
* New game modes, for wxample: 2 vs 2 mode, coop mode against spawning AI:s, missions where you have to complete a task like destroy that nuclear powerplant you either defend or attack
* Windows compability, dos is outdated
* More realistic physics engine
* more weapons!
* option to turn up resolution
* option to choose different time periods: If you choose medevial you would fight in castles and cottages and with spears, swords, crossbows ect. And if you choose present time you get relistic weapons like uzi and LAW and stuff like that, ect ect
* I want to be able to choose what colour the worm blood should be!
* A good weapon/graphics/map/physics-editor to make your own mods and weapons and stuff, you should be able to change everything
* Bigger maps! I wanna have bigger maps! Huuuuuge maps!
* Critters that walk around on top of the maps on the grass, maybe like sheeps in the same size as the worms, that you can blow up.
* Hostile critters that will respawn not very often, and that would be a serious threat. Like a alien-sandworm a l Dune that can eat your worm if you not kill it

02.03.02 -- The Hunter
Everything should be the same, (graphics, physics, weapons, other stuff...) except 2 players split screen, (like normal) and 2 AIs on one computer. Also networking, (4 players 4 AIs on 2 computers) And a selectible map size, (small, normal, large.)

01.17.02 -- anon

01.15.02 -- Worm Killer
Liero is a Great game but it has one astronomically huge downfall!! ! its not for mac! to tell u the truth more and more people are switching to macs everyday and if your not catering to the mac world you lose lots of people!

01.11.02 -- Colin
Liero ROCKS the way it is, but like all games there's a few things that could be updated. Really all that's wrong with Liero is the A. I. It really is no challenge! My 4-year-old brother can beat the computer easily!

01.08.02 -- Mikael
should have xp support

01.02.02 -- Joseph
Basically the only thing that Liero doesn't have is Guided missiles, and non-direct-attack equipment (like airstrike and teleport)
Also it would be great to be able to create levels with traps, mines etc. already there. (such as the water hazards in Worms)

12.23.01 -- Ace_NoOne
- joystick/gamepad-support; I often play with my brother on this comp, and we both use the keyboard (obviously), so when too many keys are pressed at the same time (3 on my older computer, about 5 on the newer one), neither of us can control his "worm" anymore ( which is really VERY, VERY annoying)... So support for joysticks/ gamepads would greatly improve the gameflow...

- 360-aiming; currently, your downwards-aiming is restricted - I think this restriction should be disabled (e.g. for throwing grenades or for digging straight downwards)

- the aiming-sensitivity should be increased / be smoother; the amount of degrees your aim moves when you press "UP" or "DOWN" should be lowered - this would especially help in situations in which you're firing your sniper-rifle (self-built gun; basically Winchester with laser-sight and faster bullets) over long distances...

- [again referring to LieroKit] there should be an option to make weapons destroy the projectiles of the enemy's weapon (e.g. to make the laser destroy the missile)

- homing missiles (missiles which automatically lock on the enemy and fly the shortest way towards it - i.e. no avoiding obstacles and stuff, but following the enemy's movement)

- RGB-colors instead of the 256-colors limit (Is this actually feasible without too much work?)

- new game-mode: "Catch the Ball" [whereas "ball" is an exchangeable term] - the "ball" appears randomdly in the level, the one who reaches it first gets a point and the ball appears at a new location...

- throwing grenades etc.: there should be a way to adjust the strength of the throw, e.g. the longer you hold the "SHOOT"-key, the further the throw

- there should be a message or a sound when the enemy has captured the flag (this is often overseen in the heat of the fight... ;) )

- ladders which you can climb up vertically

- easy weapons-cycling: Currently, you have to keep pressing the " CHANGE WEAPON"-key and then use your directional keys to change weapons. I'd prefer a system which lets you assign keys to the functions "NEXT WEAPON" and "LAST WEAPON", and those would then change the weapon instantly. This, too, would improve the gameflow...

- extra key for ninja-rope; Well, another point which can sometimes destroy the gameflow - having to press two keys in order to activate your ninja-rope is often too complicated ( especially because this game is so fast-paced), so having an extra key for this function would be very comfortable... (I do know about the "keep the amount of keys as low as possible"- argument, but I think this would bring by far more comfort than problems)

- fully reloaded weapons after death; When you die, all your weapons should be fully reloaded after you respawned again - the way it is at the moment somehow doesn't feel right...

- level-editing: Well, I love making my own levels for games, so this is an important point to me (I'm using the inofficial level- editor "Wormhole", so my descriptions refer to that program). It' d be cool if each level would have its own color-palette - this would allow you to escape from the color-restrictions you are currently bound to (e.g. you want to make a blue background, but the only available background-color is brown). The first color of a palette would then, for example, be the background-color, the following 50 colors could be "rock material", and so on...

- LieroKit: I love editing the weapons even more than level- editing, and thus I'm using LieroKit to fiddle around with the weapons' specifications. However, it is a bit complicated at times, especially if you're making weapons like the Larpa - the only way to edit the damage of the dropped particles there is to choose from a small amount of presets ("Particle (disappearing)", "Particle (small damage)", "Particle (medium damage)" and " Particle (larger damage)"). It would be a lot better if the characteristics of the particles could be edited independently on each weapon... (I guess this is a game-related issue, that's why I'm telling you about it, not the author of LieroKit... )

12.20.01 -- Venomous Destruction
I think that there should be hazards like water and spikes that you can put in custom levels.. improved AI for sure.. you should only see your screen when your fighting a computer (or more) you should be able to have more then just 2 people/computers and you should be able to have the possiblity of teams

12.11.01 -- Gideon
I think Liero 2 should have network support, more advanced graphics, better mod making support, cooler weapons and much better AI. I know how hard it is to create a computer game as I have tried myself but these improvements would really help. Also more complicated and origional weapons like naplam that actually sticks to targets and the Leech wich slowly leeches the life away from the enemy and gives it to you so long as it remains attached. Powerups that give you bonuses would also be nice, such as armor and acid blood. And finally things like different character classes for worms and and more balance in weapons would really add to the game.

12.04.01 -- HellRazer
I think one "simple" improvement that would greatly enhance game play would be making the rope wrap around dirt and rocks instead of going through them (imagine the acrobatic possibilities). Game play would also be more fair that way.

12.03.01 -- SAT
Liero 2 MUST be a network game. Thats a must! We will play it in scool, everywhere. (like we do now, but with more fun when network).

12.03.01 -- frast
Turrets controlled by players would be really cool.

11.27.01 -- Radon
well i think liero 2 sould be:
-fast paced
-have teamplay mode like you and your friend againt the cpu or something like that-
-bigger maps
-something beside rocks and dirt like a mounted machine gun you gould take over!

11.23.01 -- Matt
Ability to use all of the moddded weapons for the game at once. I mean you would still only get five but the selection would be bigger.

11.06.01 -- anon
In Liero 2 there should be a network /internet game too! That would be fantastic!

10.26.01 -- Jason Behmer
Liero 2 should have available internet/lan play. Allow more guns, so when you use the mods you don't have to replace guns. And come with more levels, even though you could just download them. Also there should be an official liero site.

10.23.01 -- Arnold
I think, when you kill someone by FAN, it should be counted as "one kill for you", not as suicide. More guns! Maybe a few really powerful but only with a little ammo - 4,5 shots. Missile should be more powerful, and it could fly to your enemy without controling. Machines are a nice idea - jetpack for flying, teleport points....

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