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The following ideas were submited prior to May 1st, 2002.

In Liero 2 there should be a network /internet game too! that would be fantastic!

I think that in liero 2 you should have most of the same guns. The best part of liero is the whole insane gun aspect. I think some of the changes should include 4 players either humane or cpu combinations, online game play, and harder computer intelligence levels. This is because they get stuck in walls and commit suicide when you aren't anywhere near them. It makes me mad that the computer could kill itself everytime without you even killing it once.

For liero2 (if it ever comes out) I have one prayer, that the computer would be a little bit better than it is! Everytime I play with the computer it kills itself.....

Liero should reamain as unchanged as possible. Most of these suggestions can or have been implemented in mods. 3D liero? thats not liero. Niether is windows liero (although support for windows would be good)AI would be nice, but liero is at heat a multiplayer game, and AI is very hard to do.
More worms in the game would be nice-maybe 8 worms or so. Team liero would also be fun.

Liero2 needs to be up for 4 players, LAN\Internet connection, bigger map and MORE WEAPONS!!!

I think in Liero2 there sould be a second fire mode for each weapon.
Shotgun has pump action and auto.
Pump action only has two shots in a clip and a slow fire rate but is very powerful.
Auto is fast fire rate twenty shots in a clip but is not as powerful.

Bas Blanken
Liero 2 should have internet & lan multiplayer!!

ImNoYerk (ToMaS-Huge Liero Fan)
I think there should exist a kill mode, like "Kill'em All" but you win if you get ex.10 kills in liero2! Wouldn't that be fun? Or maybe it is allready but I haven't found out...Dont think so since I have played this game a long time now!

I think liero is almost perfect. But like many people have said before me, it needs a few things done to it. The graphics are great. Anything done to them will hurt more than it will help. LAN & internet play is a must, as well as missions, bigger map size and up to 4 players. The only problem with all these improvements is how to keep size down.

Bud Church
Yeah, Liero is an awesome game, but SOME background music might be a little better... but only if you can turn it off when you want. Also, better AI is a must..... I get tired of having that stupid computer kill himself all the time. More weapons would be good too...... I just got the assassin edition of Liero..... they have awesome weapons on there, and they are very original too..... Definitely more original weapons. oh, yeah..... online multiplayer has to be in the second Liero....no doubt about it..... that would be so great......

Liero 2 should make it so that when someone commits suicide they lose a kill. Oh, and better AI i would say is a must.

Liero will not be a better game with textures, landscapes and background music... I mean it would'nt hurt, but liero is only so great because you can play it on any pc and it's small... if Liero2 comes out and is like 5 megs, I probably won't even get it even though I am a huge liero fan.... I made gfx mods for liero for fun, (including "rainbow" and "happyfaces") and I have come to respect the idea that liero doesn't need better graphics to be more fun. It's all in the action and playability.

Patrik Carlsson
One idea would be that when you get game over an image will appeare. The same thing if you win.
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[007 weapon ideas: click here]

BlackIce (Mark Turner)
People have suggested that Liero 2 have 'realistic weapons like the xxx, xxx, etc'. I think this would ruin the game. Half the fun of Liero is the crazy weapons. Where else can you use a larpa, let alone a bouncy larpa? ;) Who cares if they're not realistic? Just as long as they're fun.

Piipolan vaarri (Shiit)
Liero 2 should be as much as possible as the original. There should be NO new weapons by default (I've already seen some stupid ideas that would ruin the game). The current 40 weapons are OK, might need some re-balancing, but not necessarily (besides, I know most people are heavily biased when it comes to balancing: My fave weapon should be more powerful! etc.). Editability is a must, but the editor should either be released along with the program, or the program should be easily editable/specs released along with it. Releasing an expected official editor too long after the game was released will ruin the mod-scene. (GTA 2 died that death) The graphics could have some minor changes, but the worms should look serious, not cartoonish/funny/cute as it doesn't fit into the game. The system requirements should stay low, or else we might lose some Liero fans, and that would be a real shame. The controls should be exactly the same, weapons shoot at the press of a button, in the direction you're aiming. The worms could walk a little faster to encourage ground based fights, but that's not really a must. The level graphics should be pixel/model based, (Liero1 was pixel based) to allow dirt to be destroyed, and stuff like that. I don't really care about AI, since most people who do just need an opponent, and when there's decent network support that won't be a problem. The scoring is OK the way it is now (with lives instead of points), but only in 1on1 fights. In games that have more than 2 players there should be an ordinary 1 kill 1 point, 1 suicide -1 point score system like in all other multiplayer games. Generally, Liero 2 will rule as long as the maker doesn't do anything anyone objects to. OK, this might not make the game renewing, but it WILL make the game balanced and fun for all. A bad idea is worse than a good idea is good.

Do NOT make it too advanced! Keep the old graphics but improve the Al intelligence. New weapons is a must, but the oldies should still exist. Add gravitation system switch, and bigger level size option. NO in-game comments (like "Damn" when a worm die). If there is background music you should be able too turn it off.

The new one should have the best graphic quality that could work on a 200mhz pc.

Patrik Carlsson
I think Liero 2 should be called Liero Wormhunter
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Network multiplayer would be great, I have a LAN of 4 ancient computers and the only worthwhile game they will run is Liero!

William Marshall
In liero2 there should be more realistic weapons like the rifle should be more powerfull. Also you should be able to be hit in different places. Liero2 should be for mac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In liero two their should be levels with computer controlled worms on 10% health at the start which dont move much. They should get better as you go along but drop better weapons. Worms should drop all their weapons when they die. Their should be up to four players and lots of extra weapons. You should be able to make you own missions by placing worms selecting the weapons they have, changing their health and setting weapon pickups.

Jim Pep
* Updated Windows support:
 - Ability to run Liero a in window
 - Possibility of hardware acceleration
* Better multiplay support:
 - Networking
 - Ability to play with up to four players split-screen, many more over network
* Upgraded engine
 - Support for varying resolutions
 - Better particle effects
 - More detail configuration options
* New gameplay
 - New weapons packs
 - Integrated weapon/sound/graphics editor
 - Use of special powerups
 - Better single player (eg. new AI, objectives, option to play many computer opponents)
 - New game types (eg. teamplay options, team CTF, king of the hill, team fortress)
 - Ability to use different size arenas
 - (possibly) vehicles, or movement upgrades
 - (possibly) option to use money to buy weapons instead of menu select / bonus items in playfield

I have read this somewhere before, but I too think you should be able to use teleporters, ladders and elevators etc.

I think actual missions would be good like go into a castle and infiltrate the disk. Or just kill other worms and get to the boss. multiplayer would be great!

Kyle Givler
As some other people are saying, I would say that if liero was internet multi-player that would be really really cool! As for some other things maybe a smarter computer :-) maybe make options about how smart the computer is. And maybe 4 players?

BETTER AI!! I realize it isn't as simple as snaping your fingers but I think it would really be worth it. Maybe having an internet option that takes advantage of the high speed internet that alot of people have.
Also a bigger map. I think that more then two views would crowd the keyboard and screen too much.

I think there should be a weapon that can demolish rocks but since that would be slightly unfair they should only be able to demolish rocks or just come in boxes or something like that. Also an M-14 Colt 727 Carbine, or M3 Sniper Rifle, or even a RCP-90 would kick ass!!! and also there should be roles like Pyro, or Sniper, or Miner with defaulted weapons...

I think Liero 2 should be called - Liero AnnihilatioN

All I would ask is Internet support, other than that Liero is perfect, and any new modification might ruin the delicate balance.
Oh, and a better sound support would help

Create a version with LAN, network, and direct-dial capabilities. Keep it 2-screens, but allow cycling between which screen you see on the right. Add some new weapons like remote mines, electric rope, and auto-drill.

[in response to the idea of having upgradable weapons in L2] If a upgraded chaingun turns into a minigun, then the other worm with chaingun has not a chance at all. and it wont be much fun, so if there is upgades, they shouldnt be super mega powerful, like mininuke-bignuke. On starcraft it is really boring to play with someone with more upgrades then you because you dont have a chance at all.

Network liero, more weapons.

Get bigger levels, four players, driving armored tanks that enemy's can jump in and hijack.

Captain Kill
I think it'd be cool if there were health icons that completely replenish your health.

Jarle Iverson
The think that it would be better is that when you chose a map in the options you could see the map... Maybe Internet play, (that's gotta be fun! Nobody can look at your screen when you play) And a little bit better graphics, but not too good, I like it a bit old style :-)

Liero should have a much bigger map than it is now, and more cool bloody death animations.

Alexander Ross
A good idea for liero 2 would be to make it 3D

Liero for the Macintosh!

May some kind of droids which you can choose the number of.
More players (on one computer)
If you choose to have one worm controlled by cpu you will have bigger screen for your self. And if you can be 4 players and two is cpu the other two players can split screen.
Maybe some gun turrets controlled by cpu you can place in the level- editor or Wormhole(tm)

Lifts, teleporters, ladders, more weapons and multiplayer over network!.

Cheats which change cool things, not necessarily powerful cheats (like, maybe, being turned into a super worm with a cape, with flying powers?).

Liero should have a 4 player split screen, and better graphics too (same game play, please!).

Multiplayer over the internet, networks, direct connect, and dial up connection. Then there could be tournaments and clans and stuff. I run out of good opponents when I can just play one other person at one computer.

A better level editor, the one they have is kind of dumb, and has no undos and not many options.

More weapons!!!

NOTHING!! Liero rocks the way it is.

More computer players would be fun, and maybe different intelligence settings for them (the ones now get stuck sometimes, and are not the best). Maybe some heavy digging tools too, or maybe even something that can dig through rock. That would rock! :)

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