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it seems like this is the consencous so far:
Chaingun, Minigun, Uzi, Rb Rampage.

03.31.02 -- Andrew
I like the Chaingun since it fires more bullets rapid fire till it runs out than the mini gun (pretty good) than uzi (okay) than rbrampage (crap)

03.01.02 -- KiLlEr
The Rb rampage combines an explosive weapon with an aoutmatic, this i believe is the best. To use it well, you gotta know a few things. First once a bullet hits the enmy it boosts him away, good for keeping him at a distance, also laying them on the ground is almost like mini-mines. But if you want to kill him with it, take advantage of the bullets gravity and boucness. If the enemy is facing you just jump and fire a burst over his head and behind him, immediately after, shoot the enemy right on, the enemy will be blown back a couple steps with the first few shots and fly right into the bullets behind him, this will deal lots of damage rigt away.

02.09.02 -- Mot
I think the MINIGUN is the best, because of its impressive rate of fire and damage. I like to rope my opponent, empty my minigun on him and, if he's still alive, finish him off with a super shotgun.

01.28.02 -- COOLKAST
The minigun is very cool and absolutely the bestautomatic weapon!!! !!!

12.13.01 -- Jun
miniguns r good cause you can use this stratagy with em: Chuck loads of chiquita bombs and then use the minigun to fly away to safety.

11.22.01 -- Killa
Most people say the minigun is the best but there is too much kickback for it to hit anything the chaingun has lots of ammo in every pack and is pretty accurate with little kickback.

The minigun is the definate best automatic weapon that comes with liero...

Nicholas Liu
Definitely the minigun. The RoF is **very** intimidating. The kickback, however, can be a pain. A nice side effect of this is that you can use it to perform "strafing runs". To do this, aim as low as possible. Close in with your enemy, then jump when you're close to him and keep firing whilst moving forward. This will propel you over him, raning minigun shells down on his head all the time. Great fun.

My favorite automatic weapon has to be the Minigun. Why, because first off you can kill some one with one clip and do it in about 3 seconds. It does a beautiful job at digging. Recoil isn't really a problem if you move in the direction of fire. However some times you want recoil to get you out of a situation or manuver while flying, it does a good job at that. What's really fun to do is if your opponent is flying over you aim up and you cn stop them in midair and they can't ninja rope away fast enough.

Gotta be the chaingun...it combines a great ROF and damage factor with the best ammunition longevity there is.
Every seems to be bashing the RB rampage and I think that really sucks because although in some situations it is not practical but if you are in a map with several small nooks you can easily kill ur opponent by simply filling the room with rubber bullets. Presto...no aim necessary. It is also good because if you miss it gives you a second chance at a hit by coming back. Where it does suck though, is speed. ick. If I had to bash an auto wep I'd say the Uzi really sucks. Ammo life is nonexistant. ROF is good though.

ssj2 aoshi
I like minigun cuz it lets me fly with good control.

Its depends on your personality. If ur REALLY crazy, you would use the flying minigun to fly up with the recoil then shoot @ the guy over a rock. But otherwise, the chaingun offers more bang for buck. The RB rampage doesn't deserve a mention at all.

I think the Chaingun is the best because it has a low recoil and good power and RoF (rate of fire).

Petras Purlys
Minigun in the best because it is the fastests and nevel lets me down :)

Tim Chase
Chaingun is the best, followed by Minigun, Uzi then Rb Rampage.

John Chase
I say chaingun is the best, considering that it has a powerful stream, that is well controled, and it is decent for digging too. I put minigun behind that, then uzi (which although it has a short load time, I still don't think it's worth it), and finally the Rb Rampage (which is a tad anoying, and never useful enough to make it worth it).

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